Weighted Turtle
Weighted Turtle in Denim with Optional carrying strap

Weighted Turtle

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Weighted Animals are known to help calm and focus kids with sensory processing issues. 

On the thighs or chest this turtle will create a warm calming effect. Children particulars appreciate its cuddly and reassuring shape due to the big feet & tail.

Made with high durable denim for wash ability, filled with Poly pellets & high density glass pellets for a concentrated weight that can be manipulated for the fidgety child or adult.

Turtle measures approx 12" x 14" 

Standard material is Cotton denim

Because we use small beads to weight the lap pads and blankets, these are not meant for children less than 2 years of age. As with any medical device; check with your Doctor or OT before use.


These blankets are for therapeutic use. Never place a weighted blanket on an infant.                         

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