Summer Weighted Blanket 60
Extra Large Queen Size Blanket in Grey

Summer Weighted Blanket 60"x 75" (Queen size)

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Just like our traditional 60” x 75" Cotton Flannel Weighted Blanket, the Summer model is made from Breathable Cotton-poly blend.

This Weighted Blanket will be Perfect for Summer use or for those that don't like to be hot during the night!

This size will fit on the top of a Queen bed without hanging off the sides which is the correct therapeutic way to have it. 

Can be weighted from 15 lbs up to 40 pounds. 15 pounds of weight is the first weight in listing.

All blankets & pads are weighted using plastic poly pellets.

*Select weight before adding to your cart.

Standard material is Cotton Poly blend.

The weighted poly pellet beads are quilted in the fabric to keep it evenly distributed throughout the blanket. All outer seems are surged for durability. 

Because we use small beads to weight the lap pads and blankets, these are not meant for children less than 2 years of age. As with any medical device; check with your Doctor or OT before use.

These blankets are for therapeutic use. Never place a weighted blanket on an infant.

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